What we offer


We are engaged primarily in wealth management and managed

collective investment schemes. We offer an array of fund management services,

including management of pension and other institutional funds, provident funds, personal retirement and other mutual funds.


CDH Asset Management Ltd is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana, and the National Pensions Regulatory Authority.


Be a part of the joyous world we're creating for our cherished clients!

Collective Investment Schemes

We offer various collective investment schemes and mutual funds.  Some of our collective investment schemes are mutual funds, unit trusts and welfare funds.  We also manage the CDH Balanced Fund.


Typically, clients' funds are pooled together, based on common investment objectives and profiles, and invested in the long-term.


Wealth Management

CDH Asset Management helps create wealth for its clients by the accumulation of assets in such a way as to add and increase the value of their clients assets.  Our approach includes wisely growing investments over time, through prudent and safe investments, sound research, and and a time-tested growth strategy.


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